Congrats to Erin & Owen on their Harborside East marriage this past weekend!!  Erin & Owen first met in Jacksonville at THE PLAYERS Championship through mutual friends, and Erin wasn’t a huge fan of Owen at first.  It seemed that they had a love/hate thing for a little while and then came a spark!!  A year later at the Players Championship, Owen’s southern charm started to intrigue Erin, and she wanted to know more about him!  Fast forward to the proposal and Erin got a very unique surprise…!!  Owen had been hinting that he was going to get her a freezer as a gift, and she wasn’t too crazy about this idea.  But when Owen said that she would have to go outside to unwrap her present, she knew it must be a freezer.  She opened the front door, and yes, it was a freezer!  Owen told her to open it up because he had written something for her inside.  She found a sweet poem, which ended with ” turn around as I feel it is time that I ask you…”. Erin turned around, and Owen was down on one knee with her gorgeous diamond engagement ring!  It was then that they reached out to Samantha with Chancey Charm Weddings to start planning their Charleston wedding!  Erin picked out lovely blush bridesmaid dresses paired with navy suits.  Erin and Owen wanted a laid back, not too formal occasion spent with their closest family and friends.  They picked an awesome band, The Retreat, to set the tone for the evening’s fun!  It was a gorgeous fall evening and sunset here in Charleston, and I couldn’t be happier for these two wonderful people!!  Congrats!!
harborside east marriage
harborside east marriage_1846.jpg
harborside east marriage_1847.jpg
harborside east marriage_1848.jpg
harborside east marriage_1849.jpg
harborside east marriage_1850.jpg
harborside east marriage_1851.jpg
harborside east marriage_1852.jpg
harborside east marriage
harborside east marriage_1854.jpg
harborside east marriage_1855.jpg
harborside east marriage_1856.jpg
harborside east marriage
harborside east marriage_1858.jpg
harborside east marriage_1859.jpg
harborside east marriage_1860.jpg
harborside east marriage_1861.jpg
harborside east marriage_1862.jpg
harborside east marriage_1863.jpg
harborside east marriage_1864.jpg
harborside east marriage_1865.jpg


Venue:  Harborside East
Planning and Design:  Samantha Wiley with Chancey Charm Weddings
Florist:  Duvall Events
Band:  The Retreat
Makeup & Hair:  Lashes & Lace
Catering:  Crazy Dutchman
Gown:  Aurora Unique Bridal
Rentals:  Eventhaus
Cake:  Publix
Accommodations:  The Jasmine House Inn


By Ava Moore

Charleston Wedding Photography
Harborside East Marriage


Congrats to Megan & Matt on their Cypress Trees Plantation wedding this past weekend!  Megan and Matt met working in the lab together.  A workmate gave Matt a little push in the right direction to go ahead and make a move.  He asked Megan out on a date and the rest is history.  Speaking of history, Cypress Trees Plantation is one of the few plantations that has remained in the same family since the early 1700’s.   I’ve never seen southern charm quite like this… as this property and home seems to define romance.  Despite Hurricane Matthew’s attempts last week to rough things up on Edisto Island, the loving and hardworking family of Cypress Trees Plantation was able to completely remove any sign of the hurricane’s presence.   Cypress Trees Plantation was perfection…providing Matt and Megan with a gorgeous wedding day and amazing sunset and a very rare hunter’s super moon!  Everyone in attendance was simply amazed at the beauty of this rare evening belonging to this special couple!  Megan and Matt picked Cypress Trees Plantation for its stunning views and scenery.  Megan put together a gorgeous color palette of wine shades which consisted of blush to merlot with each bridesmaid wearing an assorted length, design, and color of dress.  Ashley with Boutique Planning created a lovely design in keeping with the vintage style of the occasion.  And florals by SYG Designs were breathtaking!  Megan and Matt wanted a casual and fun wedding day and it did not disappoint!!  I’m so happy for these two and hope all the best for them moving forward!!
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1825.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1826.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1827.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1828.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1829.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1830.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1831.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1832.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1833.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1834.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1835.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1836.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1837.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1838.jpg
Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding_1839.jpg




Venue:  Cypress Trees Plantation
Design & Planning:  Boutique Planning
Florals:  SYG Designs
Hair & Makeup:  Eye Do Makeup
Band:  17 South
Catering: PoPigs Catering
Gown:  Willowby
Rentals:  Snyder Events

By Ava Moore
Ava Moore Photography

Charleston Wedding Photographer

Cypress Trees Plantation Wedding Day



  • October 23, 2016 - 7:07 pm

    Linda Murray - Beautiful pictures. I am so glad that things were cleaned up for this wedding. We loved working with you. Thanks a million for being so good. You really used the site to advantage.


    • October 24, 2016 - 6:50 pm

      admin - Awe!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! I absolutely loved meeting you and your family!!ReplyCancel


Congrats to Erica & Justin!  Justin and Erica first met at Blu at Tides Hotel on Folly Beach. His first words to her were literally “Hey there, beautiful!”  They took a walk on the beach, talked, and played some pool at a Folly Beach bar.  The night finally came to an end, but it was just the beginning of the relationship of Erica and Justin.  Justin decided to take Erica back to the place they met for his proposal last year.  It was then that they started planning their Harborside Wedding at Harborside East.  Chauncey of Bouquets & Bowties Charleston did an amazing job planning their stunning wedding.  Florals by Charleston Flower Market tied together the purple southern rustic theme.   They celebrated this happy occasion with friends and family who came from one coast clear to the other.  I’m so happy for this sweet couple!!
Harborside Wedding
Harborside Wedding_1768.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1769.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1770.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1771.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1772.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1773.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1774.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1775.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1776.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1777.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1778.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1779.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1780.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1781.jpg
Harborside Wedding_1782.jpg


Venue:  Harborside East
Planning & Design:  Bouquets and Bowties Charleston
Florals:  Charleston Flower Market
Cake:  Charleston Cakes
Hair & Makeup:  Lashes & Lace
Caterer:  First Impressions
Gown: Bridals by Jodi

By Ava Moore
Charleston Wedding Photography

Harborside Wedding


Congrats to Matt & Brittany on their Wildberry Farms wedding this past weekend!!  Matt & Brittany met in February of 2014 at a softball tournament. Softball is a big part of their life, which was reflected in their adorable engagement pictures!  After falling in love, Matt decided to propose in a way he knew Brittany would love!  He had promised to propose before the end of 2015, which had become an ongoing joke between the two of them throughout the year.  About a week before the end of the year, Matt gave Brittany a huge present to unwrap.  Inside that box was 9 more beautifully wrapped boxes.  When she finally got to the last box….20 minutes later, she found a coffee mug with a fake diamond ring handle…and a note.  The note said, “I still have seven days! Haha! – Matt”  A shocked Brittany threw the note at Matt and called him a jerk, which everyone found hilarious!  Matt then got on one knee with the real ring and asked Brittany to spend the rest of her life with him!  This gorgeous ring is unique in that it has diamonds from both of their deceased grandmothers, which is so incredibly touching and meaningful!

Matt & Brittany got married this past weekend at the gorgeous Wildberry Farms in Marion, SC.  Brittany and her mom are huge fans of JoAnna Gaines and Fixer Upper, so Magnolia became a theme.  This gorgeous white barn was the perfect backdrop for a rustic chic wedding.  Gigi Strong from Smells Like Peonies Events along with Brittany’s family worked their magic creating art installations and many DIY decorations.  The white pumpkins and cotton decorations are so perfect!!  Sunflowers set the stage for the blue and yellow color palette, which is carried over in to the inviting lounge areas, the blue ribbons draping from the bouquets, and the guys blue and white checked shirts.  As you look through the images, you can’t help but be inspired!!  I’m so happy for these guys!!  Congratulations!!!  What a fun way to usher in the first week of fall!!!
wildberry farms wedding
wildberry farms wedding
Harborside East Wedding Day_1741.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1742.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1743.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1744.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1745.jpg
wildberry farms wedding
Harborside East Wedding Day_1747.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1748.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1749.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1750.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1751.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1752.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1753.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1754.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1755.jpg
Harborside East Wedding Day_1756.jpg


Venue:  Wildberry Farms
Planning/Design:  Smells Like Peonies Events
Favors:  Handmade with Love
DJ: DJ Butch Barnes
Makeup & Hair:  Ashley Hobgood Ellis
Catering:  ART Catering
Gown:  James Clifford from Palmetto Bridal
Signs & Artwork:  Sablewood Paper Company



By Ava Moore

Charleston Wedding Photography
Wildberry Farms Wedding


I’m so thrilled to share this gorgeous Hopsewee Plantation wedding feature designed by the truly talented Gigi Strong of Smells Like Peonies Events and featured today by The Perfect Palette!! We are so happy to have gotten the opportunity to experience the charm of Hopsewee Plantation! What a gem of the lowcountry with its breathtaking views of the river, it’s historic home, and the amazing River Oak Cottage tea room! Guests can have “Southern Tea” served with southern hospitality! The plantation is open for weddings, private events, dinners and lunch!! I was also thrilled to photograph this exquisite gown by Edith-Elan, a Charleston designer who’s talents are unmatched! These gorgeous florals were designed by someone I call a floral artist, Beth of Wildflowers, Inc. And a big thanks to our calligrapher, Cami Monet Miller and desserts and cake by Sweet Rhi. Enjoy!!
Hopsewee Plantation Wedding Feature_1687.jpg
Hopsewee Plantation Wedding Feature
Hopsewee Plantation Wedding Feature
Hopsewee Plantation Wedding Feature
Hopesewee Plantation Wedding Feature_1691.jpg
Hopesewee Plantation Wedding Feature_1692.jpg
Hopesewee Plantation Wedding Feature_1693.jpg
Hopesewee Plantation Wedding Feature_1694.jpg
Hopesewee Plantation Wedding Feature_1695.jpg
Hopesewee Plantation Wedding Feature_1696.jpg
Hopesewee Plantation Wedding Feature_1697.jpg



Venue: Hopsewee Plantation
Desserts:  Sweet Rhi
Gown:  Edith-Elan
Floral Design:  Wildflowers, Inc.
Calligraphy: Cami Monet Calligraphy
Bride:  Sarah Ware
Groom: Alex Botello
Hair & Makeup:  Silvia’s Salon and Spa

By Ava Moore
Charleston Wedding Photographer


Hopsewee Wedding Plantation Feature