I’m so happy that Rustic Chic Weddings fell in love with our Charleston Elopement Inspiration shoot!!  A big thanks for all the love!!! “A good wedding inspiration shoot can help you plan your wedding since many times these shoots focus on the details from a wedding. This amazing beach inspired wedding shoot is filled with romance and elegance and I fell head over heels in love with it when I saw it! From the photographer: I’m so thrilled to share this sunset beach wedding inspiration planned and designed by Gigi Strong of Smells Like Peonies Events! She has such an amazing talent to create inviting and romantic settings such as the one we see here. I am blessed as well to have Beth of Wildflowers, Inc. showcasing her amazing talents again. We wanted something with smokey gray blue tones with lots of greenery and Wildflowers, Inc. created something better than we could have imagined. This inspiration is earthy and organic…yet elegant and romantic….almost dreamy! Thanks to Ava Moore Photography for sharing this lovely inspiration with us today.”

Charleston Elopement Inspiration
Charleston Elopement Inspiration
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_1994.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_1995.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_1996.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_1997.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_1998.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_1999.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2000.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2001.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2002.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2003.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2004.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2005.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2006.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2007.jpg
Charleston Elopement Inspiration_2008.jpg


Venue: Folly Beach SC / event designer: Smells Like Peonies Events / dress designer: Alyssa Kristin / floral designer: WildFlowers Inc / model: Glennon Wagner, TJ Fitzmaurice / calligraphy: Kate Brooker / beauty: Silvia Salon And Spa


By Ava Moore

Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Elopement Inspiration


I’m so excited that Burnett’s Boards has featured our Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms inspiration!  For this shoot, we were inspired by the nature that surrounded us at the romantic country venue, Wildberry Farm, which rests quietly in the country in between Charleston & Wilmington. We appreciated that Wildberry Farm was effortlessly elegant and maintained a sense of clean untouched space.  So we felt compelled to merge modern contemporary details with the romance of this country setting! Gigi Strong from Smells Like Peonies Events is to thank for this gorgeous design.  Please read below about the amazing creatives who helped to bring her vision to life!



Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1955.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1956.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1957.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1958.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1959.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1960.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1961.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1962.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1963.jpg
Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms_1964.jpg


To create a contemporary feel, we showcased modern shaped cookies from the Cookie Creative, ghost chairs, and couture linens by Nuage Designs. At the same time, we stayed true to the natural surroundings with free-form, wild, and lush flower arrangements. We are absolutely obsessed with the floral designs from Beth at Wildflowers, Inc. Every floral arrangement she creates is a true piece of art with carefully selected sprays of florals and specialty ribbons incorporated into each bouquet.

We also maintained the natural free form look by showcasing calligraphy by Overdressed Paperie. Lauren Cirincione was the perfect one to communicate elegance and sophistication to our project.

The dessert table was a banquet of treats starting with this elegant yet simple design by DeClare Cakes. The modern shaped cookies by the Cookie Creative were custom handmade and decorated in royal icing specifically for our inspiration shoot. We paired these cookies with simple and amazing donuts from local donut maker, Diggity Donuts.

Crystal Rogers finessed our model, Brenae, into a stunning bride who wore a two-piece, Hayley Paige gown and we adored the modern touch of a two piece dress with a curved V Illusion neckline, but the handkerchief overskirt of layered tulle and lace with thin horsehair edging and chapel train gave us that romantic feeling that we also wanted to blend.

Of course we cannot leave out Bella, the most adorable Yorkshire Terrier, who wore her wreath necklace designed by Beth LeonGuerrero. The grand finale of our creative inspiration was to set up a sweetheart table in a nearby field. Our horse whisper, Beth, was able to endear the horses to our project by feeding them treats.

We came away with the most elegant and romantic sunset images of the day! Each talented artist who collaborated with us was very enthusiastic about making it look unique and different in order inspire future brides to approach country weddings in a contemporary style.


By Ava Moore
Charleston Wedding Photographer
odern Elegance at Wildberry Farms

Event Planner: Smells Like Peonies Events // Floral Design: WildFlowers Inc // Makeup Artist: Bonnie Jean Beauty // Tux: Charleston Formal Wear // Cake: DeClare Cakes // Specialty Foods: Diggity Donuts // Rentals: Event Works // Dress Designer: Hayley Paige via Paris Chic Bridal Boutique // Hair: Rachel Davis Artistry // Bakery: The Cookie Creative // Linens & Coverings: Nuage Designs, Inc. // Invitations: Overdressed Paper // Model: Brenae Reeves // Venue: Wildberry Farm in South Carolina.

Modern Elegance at Wildberry Farms


The McCullough Family is near and dear to my heart and it is such an honor to to capture their Charleston family pictures!  I am truly overwelmed by this gorgeous setting!!  The slight haziness coming from the mountain wildfires created an amazing sunset here on the marshes of Charleston! Daisy is a new addition to the family this year.  Could she be any cuter??  Oh my!!  And she LOVES her big brother.  These two will just melt your heart!   I can’t wait to take many more pictures here in the years to come with one of my favorite families!!
Charleston Family Pictures
Charleston Family Pictures
Charleston Family Pictures
Charleston Family Pictures_1926.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1927.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1928.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1929.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1930.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1931.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1932.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1933.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1934.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1935.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1936.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1937.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1938.jpg
Charleston Family Pictures_1939.jpg


By Ava Moore
Charleston Wedding Photography

Dress:  Anthropologie


Congrats to Erin & Owen on their Harborside East marriage this past weekend!!  Erin & Owen first met in Jacksonville at THE PLAYERS Championship through mutual friends, and Erin wasn’t a huge fan of Owen at first.  It seemed that they had a love/hate thing for a little while and then came a spark!!  A year later at the Players Championship, Owen’s southern charm started to intrigue Erin, and she wanted to know more about him!  Fast forward to the proposal and Erin got a very unique surprise…!!  Owen had been hinting that he was going to get her a freezer as a gift, and she wasn’t too crazy about this idea.  But when Owen said that she would have to go outside to unwrap her present, she knew it must be a freezer.  She opened the front door, and yes, it was a freezer!  Owen told her to open it up because he had written something for her inside.  She found a sweet poem, which ended with ” turn around as I feel it is time that I ask you…”. Erin turned around, and Owen was down on one knee with her gorgeous diamond engagement ring!  It was then that they reached out to Samantha with Chancey Charm Weddings to start planning their Charleston wedding!  Erin picked out lovely blush bridesmaid dresses paired with navy suits.  Erin and Owen wanted a laid back, not too formal occasion spent with their closest family and friends.  They picked an awesome band, The Retreat, to set the tone for the evening’s fun!  It was a gorgeous fall evening and sunset here in Charleston, and I couldn’t be happier for these two wonderful people!!  Congrats!!
harborside east marriage
harborside east marriage_1846.jpg
harborside east marriage_1847.jpg
harborside east marriage_1848.jpg
harborside east marriage_1849.jpg
harborside east marriage_1850.jpg
harborside east marriage_1851.jpg
harborside east marriage_1852.jpg
harborside east marriage
harborside east marriage_1854.jpg
harborside east marriage_1855.jpg
harborside east marriage_1856.jpg
harborside east marriage
harborside east marriage_1858.jpg
harborside east marriage_1859.jpg
harborside east marriage_1860.jpg
harborside east marriage_1861.jpg
harborside east marriage_1862.jpg
harborside east marriage_1863.jpg
harborside east marriage_1864.jpg
harborside east marriage_1865.jpg


Venue:  Harborside East
Planning and Design:  Samantha Wiley with Chancey Charm Weddings
Florist:  Duvall Events
Band:  The Retreat
Makeup & Hair:  Lashes & Lace
Catering:  Crazy Dutchman
Gown:  Aurora Unique Bridal
Rentals:  Eventhaus
Cake:  Publix
Accommodations:  The Jasmine House Inn


By Ava Moore

Charleston Wedding Photography
Harborside East Marriage